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Photography contest
BY mane


From 12 January
to 8 March 2024
MANE, an international fragrance and flavour company located in the South of France, is launching its first photography competition: Capture What Moves, in support of young creative talent.
The theme of the competition is capturing the emotions generated by the senses of smell and taste. MANE has a unique ability to capture not only what people love, but also what moves them deeply, whether it's a fleeting trend or a timeless desire.  


WINNER Fragrances Category
WINNER Flavours Category
WINNER Nature Category
Xianjun Liu
Prix coup de coeur du jury




The application phase is over. Thank you for your contributions.
The photographs submitted must respect the theme of the competition: capturing the emotions triggered by the olfactory and gustatory senses through three categories corresponding to dimensions that are important to MANE:
1. Fragrances: illustrate the emotions associated with the perfumes and scents that surround us, in our everyday life.
2. Flavours: capture the sensations generated by taste, the richness and diversity of flavours.
3. Nature: express the olfactory and gustatory senses in relation to flora, earth and nature.
2,000€ for the winner in each category.
The photoshoot for MANE's next corporate campaign for the grand-prize winner*.
In addition, the most relevant series selected by the final jury will be published on the competition website.
* MANE reserves the right to use one or more of the winning pictures to illustrate its corporate campaign. Photographers will be paid accordingly.
“capture the emotions provided by the olfactory and gustatory senses”

THE jury

The members of the jury will assess the works submitted on the basis of creativity, relevance to the theme of the category and visual impact in line with MANE's values.
The jury will meet during the week of 25 March to deliberate.
Jean Mane, President of MANE and Jury President
An art enthusiast with a passion for taste and fragrance, Jean Mane has an inexhaustible knowledge of the manufacture of perfume and aromatic solutions. Passing on his exceptional knowledge and passion for the craft is part of his DNA. It's only natural for Jean to encourage new talent, both in the field of fragrances and flavours, and in creation in general.
Esau Angeles, Designer MANE
Esau is a Graphic Designer for the Flavours Division. He also supports the marketing teams of the fragrance and ingredients divisions in highlighting specific concepts or projects. He notably draws his inspiration from the art of tattooing that he practices, an activity that he really enjoys and values for the demand and skills required for its execution.
Pitpatsorn Bunditvatidkul, Savoury Marketing Manager MANE
Pitpatsorn uses creativity and strategic thinking on a daily basis to integrate innovative concepts for food and beverages to ensure MANE's competitive presence on the market. She likes hiking, doodling, subing, and landscape photography.
Massimo Gardone, Photographer
Massimo Gardone is an Italian photographer. He started working on black-and-white photographic projects centred on theatre and dance. Since the 90’s, Massimo has been collaborating with the most renowned Italian graphic designers. His work now focuses on still-life photography. His creative work also extends to design and video.
Yohanne Lamoulère, Photographer
Yohanne Lamoulère graduated from the École nationale supérieure de la photographie d'Arles in 2004. She lives and works in Marseille. Member of the Tendance Floue collective, her favourite themes are city outskirts and insularity in all its protean aspects.
Laure Lapeyronnie, Marketing Manager Fine Fragrances MANE
Laure has worked in the perfume industry for 20 years, including 13 years at MANE. Scent has always been a passion, as she believes it is a vector of emotions. Part of her work involves associating scents with words and images. As a keen traveller and photographer, she admires Steve McCurry and Harry Gruyaert, as well as street photographers such as Elliott Erwitt.
Cécile Lavenu, MANE Communications Director
Cécile combines scientific, marketing and communications expertise. Her career began in food and flavours, then moved on to raw materials, before finally focusing on fragrances. Passionate about the aromatic and fragrant treasures the earth has to offer, she is captivated by the art of sublimating them.
Xavier Romatet, President of the Institut Français de la Mode
Previously head of a major media group and now at the helm of the Institut Français de la Mode, Xavier Romatet is particularly familiar with the world of fashion and luxury. In tune with the times and trends, he knows how to recognise and encourage new talent.


How can I enter the contest?
Photographers may compete in one or more categories before 23:59 CET on 8 March 2024 at 23:59 CET. A minimum of 3 photos must be submitted per category.  
Photographers are asked to give their interpretation of the impact of fragrances, smells and nature on the senses and emotions. Only original works will be accepted; previous orders will not be considered. The use of artificial intelligence is not permitted.  
All participants will be informed of the results by e-mail.
Entry requirements
The competition is open to photographers aged 18 or over.
Participants must have graduated within the last 5 years from an art or photography school such as:
– École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
– Institut Français de la Mode, Paris, France
– All member schools of the Association Nationale des Écoles Supérieures d'Arts et de Design, et de Photographie Publiques (, France
– Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, England
– Royal College of Art, London, England
– Royal Academy of Art, La Hague, Netherland
– New School of Photography, Berlin, Germany
– IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelone, Barcelona, Spain
– Grisart - International Open School Photography, Barcelona, Spain
– ACME Milano Academy of Fine arts and Média-Milan, Milan, Italy
– School of Visual Arts - New-York, NY, USA
– Parsons School of Design - Paris and New York, NY, USA
– Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, USA
– Centro de la Imagen, Mexico, Mexico
– Central Academy of Fine Art, Pekin, China
– Sir J.J. School of Applied Arts, Bombay, India
– Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo, Japan
(non-exhaustive list)


MANE is one of the world's leading fragrance and flavour companies, owned and managed by the Mane family since 1871. At MANE, undisputed legitimacy, experience and the transmission of heritage and values are major assets.
With more than 7,500 employees throughout the Group (including 1,600 in France), MANE works with the biggest national and international brands.
Historically located in the South of France, MANE is now present in 39 countries with 50 R&D centres and 28 production sites.The company combines traditional know-how with scientific discoveries to foster new creations. It has built its growth and reputation on technological innovation, particularly in natural extraction and flavouring solutions for complex formulations. MANE has mastered several techniques, such as encapsulation, which enables particularly volatile aromas and fragrances to be released in a controlled manner.
Products that are part of our daily lives, such as perfume, shower gel, washing powder, vanilla yoghurt, home fragrance, strawberry-flavoured water, bouillon cube, etc., are potentially be scented or flavoured by MANE.
MANE's job is to create fragrances and flavours that energise people's lives. These sensations, generated by taste and smell, are difficult concepts to grasp, understand and predict. MANE knows how to encompass shifting trends. This strength allows the company to respond better to consumer expectations and customer needs.
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